Friday, September 26, 2008

The No 'Poo Movement

When you think about it ... pretty much everything that you use in the shower is loaded with chemicals. Your shampoo and conditioner, shaving cream, body wash (unless you, like me, are using some Method wonderfulness), and face wash. There are a myriad of websites that will tell you what to look out for ... just run a Google search for "harmful chemicals in shampoo". Personally, I liked this article that I found on The Green Guide. It even had a list of suggestions for shampoo alternatives at the bottom.

But I think it's also important to also take a look at the homemade no 'poo movement which I had the pleasure of discover on Poorer Than You. There I found a link to a fabulous blog post on Babyslime which will tell you everything that you could ever want/hope to know about it. And I mean everything, including an FAQ. It's pretty sweet. In the interest of saving myself time and helping you, the avid reader, avoid reading the same thing twice I am not going to re-write everything here. The post on Babyslime is a super easy read ... plus her blog is amazing.

If you want to go plastic free - which is not only easier on your wallet and the environment - there are bar shampoos that you might be interested in trying. I found some that looked nice, were tested by the people selling them, and listed all the ingredients at Prairie Land Herbs. Burt's Bees also makes a mint rosemary shampoo bar that may be worth trying. From what I've read on the internet, people seem to really like them.

And now, dear readers, comes the really good part. I have officially deemed October to be "No 'Poo month"! I am going to try out the baking soda and apple cider vinegar mix for two weeks (I've read that it takes about that long to get non-oily results), followed by a shampoo bar and a all natural liquid shampoo. Well, now that I think about it I might need more than a month to try all these out. I will give each about two weeks ... which means that No 'Poo month might last into the middle of November.

Every two weeks, you will get an update and a review of the shampoo alternative that I'm currently using. Stay tuned!