Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy (belated) Earth Day!

I know that Earth Day was last week, but really, don't you think that we should celebrate our Earth everyday? I do. So that's why I don't feel bad about posting this a little late.

What I did on Earth Day 2009
By, SuperCareo
  • I celebrated with my office by making cupcakes from scratch (with organic baking flour from Whole Foods). They were Devil's Food with chocolate frosting (also from scratch) topped with organically dyed green and blue sugar crystals on top. They were scrumptious! - Pictures coming soon!
  • I went to the local recycle center to drop off the recycling for my office.
  • Thought about ways to make this blog more awesome (that counts, right?)
  • Dug recyclables out of the trash (at work and at home)
  • My dad took me to lunch and told me:
    • I could start a garden in their yard
    • I'm turning into a hippie (so I want to live on a farm with some chickens, sheep, a lama, my friend's sickly horse and grow all my own food. Is that so wrong?)
    • (Oh, and also a mini cow or two).
How did you celebrate your Earth Day?

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