Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vermicomposting: Going for the Worms

As just one of the Neon Green projects I plan on starting this spring, I want to start vermicomposting. That is: composting food scraps with the help of some delightful little red worms. I know that Beth had talked about composting before in this post, but that's all I could find in the archives (but to be honest, I didn't feel like spending more than a minutes looking so there could be more).

If you read that post than you know that there is a super awesome, one stop shop website called Red Worm Composting that's run by The Compost Guy. So naturally, that's where I decided to start looking for information and ideas for my own happy little compost bin.

And will you LOOK at what I found. It's awesome, and good looking and I totally think that this is what I am going to use to start my journey into composting:

It's called a Worm Inn and I think that is not only great looking, but from the reviews that The Compost Guy have give it, it works just fine. Plus, on the RWC you can purchase your very own Worm Inn with 1 or 2 pounds of worms. I think I'm going to go in for the Inn with 1 pound of worms. It's only $88 and just think of how much space I will be saving my local landfill (and besides, it's cute so I won't have to dig out space under the sink for a bin) AND I will get some awesome fertilizer for the garden that will be happening ... soon.

So what do you think? Would you spend that much for an aesthetically pleasing compost bin or would you just make one of your own?

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