Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We're Baaaaa-aaaack!

Hi! I'm SuperCareo and I am super excited to be a contributer to Neon Green!

I'm sure that since there hasn't been any regular posting going on here, the readership (if there was any) has dropped off considerably. Well, that's why I'm here! To bring the green-ness (and maybe the reading-ness) back to Neon Green!

My interest in "going green" is something that has started small and continued to grow with every new salmonella outbreak and every news story talking about how all of the ingredients in our food are going to give us crazy fat and ultimately kill us. It's enough to make anyone stop eating. At least if you starve to death you can be assured of the outcome.

I also just really like spending time in the yard and in my kitchen. This spring will mark my first ever garden, and I have just recently started cooking 95% of everything that I eat. It just seems like it's the right direction to take.

So, since Beth has so graciously allowed me full access to her blog to do as I please (BWA HA HA HA - I mean ... just kidding!), I hope that we can take this journey together. Also - Beth has laid a completely awesome foundation of green information for me to build upon further. In fact, I think we may have a post with pictures on candle making coming in the future.

So stay tuned. Neon Green is coming back online and it is going to be totally awesome - I promise.

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