Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ideal Bite Tip of the Day

Does your pet smell like absolute scum?

The Bite
That’s ruff. But no need to lie, cheat, or steal to clean ’em up; instead, just tame your best-loved brutes with organic shampoos, breath-fresheners, and flea-fighters.

The Benefits
  • Keeping ne’er-do-well creepy-crawlies crawling elsewhere. Natural but effective treatments keep fleas and other pests at bay.
  • Putting health fur-st. Many conventional pet cleaning products use pyrethroids, known brain toxins.
  • More pet-table coats. Most commercial cleansers contain more than 50% ethyl alcohol, which dries out Fido’s skin.

Personally Speaking
Jen's cat Froggy is so into getting brushed that Jen once accidentally brushed him 'til he was completely naked on his right shoulder blade.

Wanna Try?

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