Friday, June 20, 2008

Yet another creative recycling idea - CD cases

I started going through my close the other day and found a boot box FULL of CD cases. Some still had discs in them, but for the most part they were just sitting there, taking up space, and doing nothing. So I sat and thought for a minute about what I could possibly use these for rather than just tossing them into the recycle bin (where a few of them still might end up).

So I thought long and hard and came up with an idea. I don't know how smoothly this project will go, but I suppose I will give it a go. My idea is to stick them all together and make a huge picture frame for my wall. Something similar to this frame I found on Target. Only bigger ... and all the pictures would be the same size.

I even have figured out the potential problem with changing out the pictures in the frame. The ones that serve as the base (the part that would hang from the wall) will be glued so that the back of the CD case is visible. That way, when I take the thing off the wall, I can lay it on its front side and open the door from the back.

I am so excited for this project. I have several things that I plan on getting done this afternoon, so be prepared for all those posts I have lined up to finally get posted! Also ready yourself for some project pictures!! HOORAY for the weekend!

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