Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Organic Dog Care

As you may already know, I have a couple of pooches who have just been dieing to hop onto my new neon green band wagon. So I decided that I would spend a little time looking around on the internet to see what kinds of products are out there for my puppies. I ran a simple search on Google and I thought I would post the websites I found that I could consider buying from.

Botanical Dog had some adorable toys and they even carry the green line of the AKC toys. This is a big deal for my pups because my smallest dog is in love with the AKC squirrel that I bought him the day he came home with me from the shelter. I am so excited to be able to buy him a new, and more Eco-friendly version. My larger dog loves to tear squirrel to shreds which means that I have to buy a new one every few months or so. I wonder if they sell in bulk ...

The Holistic Pet looked interesting too, and they had tons of products for dogs and cats but also for horses and birds! No toys though ... just food and wellness things.

I would recommend reading this article I found from USA Today. It popped up when I ran my search; it's about organic pet foods. It recommends talking to your vet before you take Fido all-organic, as the industry isn't very well regulated quite yet, and I agree. I plan on having a discussion about it with my vet next week when my dogs go in to get groomed. I will post what my vet's thought are when I have the chance.

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