Monday, June 23, 2008

Ideal Bite Tip of the Day

Wanna take a couple decades off your backside?

The Bite
No can do, but at least you can get the creases outta your birthday suit with eco-body lotions. Ideal Bite turns three today, and we're getting baby-booty beautiful with our fave skin smoothers.

The Benefits
  • Safe enough for an infant. The FDA has tested only 11% of the more than 10,000 ingredients used in beauty products for safety.
  • Petroleum-free posteriors. Petrolatum's an oil-derived ingredient found in many moisturizers.
  • It's eco-friendlier, baby. Duh: Opting for products made from organic materials in recycled packaging reduces pollution and saves resources.

Personally Speaking
Toshio used to use petrochem-based Vaseline as face lotion. Seriously. We've since hooked him up with guy-friendly Max Green's Naked Rescue Cream. His pores would like to thank the Biter Team.

Wanna Try?

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