Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nalgene Concern

You may have already heard about this on the news, unless you live under a rock like me, but I thought it was worthy to write an article about. There is concern that BPA, a chemical used in the making of Nalgene bottles and other plastic containers could cause cancer in humans. I found this article on the subject from the Washington Post. I thought it was an easy read and did a good job of summing up the big issues of the argument.

I don't know what I think right now. I love my Nalgene bottle ... I drink out of it ALL the time (yes, I'm sipping out of it while I write this). It's sturdy and cute (mine is lime green) and I know how much I've had to drink when I finish two of them (about 64 oz.). When I have it near me, I want to drink out of it because I think it's so cool. So I don't think I'm ready to toss it out quite yet. But if you are wanting to trade up, Nalgene is now making the BPA free version of its product and you can find them here.

While reading up on these articles, I thought I would also look at the normal care that you should do for your bottle. I wanted to know how often you should wash it and even how often you should change out your straw (if you're like me and you use one. It makes me drink more, faster). And after much time and effort, I located a page on the Nalgene site that gives cleaning instructions (although not recommendations on how often you should clean it) and you can read it here. I'm to go ahead and just assume that it would be a pretty good idea to wash it out every two weeks or so. Same with changing out your straw.

Being the neon green person I know you are, you might even consider washing your straw and using the same one until it completely wears out. This is something that I plan to start myself in the coming week. I spent a few minutes looking around for reusable plastic straws online, but I am quite partial to the bendy kind so I think I will just keep washing mine.

Keep sipping out of those reusable bottles! You are doing a little part to keep your landfill contributions to a minimum! Way to go!

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