Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kiss My Face Deodorant - My First Product Review!

Well, I've decided that I to start reporting to you about my switch to organic and earth friendly products. Last night I went to target and decided that I would take a look around their health market to see if they sold any all natural products like what I have been looking at online. I specifically was looking for deodorants.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that they carried three lines of all natural deodorants! They had Jason, Kiss My Face and one other that I can't remember the name of. I took the time to sniff all of them, and my conclusion is that either you can choose to smell like nothing (the aloe sticks for sensitive skin), you can choose to smell like a giant lavender bush (they aren't kidding around with the lavender smell), or you could choose to smell like a hippie (which may sound terrible, but I do know some hippies and I know what they smell like. They smell like patchouli.).

The whole reason I was looking for natural deodorants in the first place was due to the fact that my regular stuff has started to make my armpits itch really bad. Which is embarrassing and gross. Have you ever had an itch in your armpit that was so bad that you were willing to scratch it even when you were sweating like a pig? Those were the kind of itches that I was having at work. Not fun. So I chose to purchase the Kiss My Face Liquid Rock roll on with aloe and no smell for my sensitive pits.

This is the first morning I've used it and so far I really like it. The liquid took a while to totally dry and so for about an hour this morning, every time I lifted my arms to do something I got a completely wonderful little breeze in my armpits. It might sound weird, but I really liked it. So far I'm not smelly at all which is great but I'm also not doing any major amount of work. Sitting behind a desk = no sweating. So we'll how it handles this afternoon's heat. I promise to write up another review in two weeks to let you know if my opinions have changed about my switch to all natural deodorant.

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