Friday, July 11, 2008

Method Body Wash Review

I have been using Method's products since I saw an insert in a magazine that promised you could clean naked if you wanted to because their cleaners were natural and are much nicer to your skin than bleach or other household cleaners.

Well, several months ago a friend of mine brought to my attention the fact that Method is making bath and body products in addition to their home cleaners. I am an avid fan of their hand soaps and body washes. They are lightly scented (which is something that's important to me - too much smell and I will get a headache), never dry out my skin, and I can read the ingredients and understand the words. Pretty impressive. While I couldn't seem to find the body wash I usually buy (which is what the body wash link will show you), I did find some new body wash that Method is making now.

I decided to purchase their new Olive Leaf body wash last night. The packaging is beautiful, it looks like a pillow, and it perfumed but very, very lightly. My skin has never been so soft, and I'm not kidding. I can't stop touching myself! I would already recommend going with Method's stuff ... and I think I might be in love with my body wash. I even used it to shave my legs this morning and they feel amazing. I will write another review for you in two weeks to let you know if I'm still in love with my new body wash.

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