Friday, July 4, 2008

Creative Recycling

I know that I haven't been posting any pictures of my own recycling projects, but that will soon change! I have a ton on my camera just waiting to be uploaded and posted! As I look around my house and since I have started paying closer attention to the things that I toss out all willy-nilly, I keep wanting more creative recycling projects to do beyond the few that I've already come up with on my own.

So today I decided that I would go out into the world to see what other people are doing to get creative with their recycling. The kinds of articles that I was looking for were few and far between, but here are a few that I might think about using at some point in my own life.
  • This site has lots of ideas separated by the item you want to recycle
  • I liked the ideas that this article brought to the table.
  • JACKPOT! Not only does this blog post have a great idea for recycling boxes, it has tons of links to other great creative recycling ideas! Be sure to read some of the similar articles that are listed under the blog post.
  • I found this article on my other favorite website It talks about gardening with old containers that you may think about throwing out.
So now that you have some more wonderful ideas to reduce, reuse, and recycle, get out there and create!! Please send pictures of your projects as well as any ideas you have for creative recycling projects you might come up with! I would love to post them here!

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