Thursday, July 3, 2008

Can Smoking Be Eco-Friendly?

Since I have decided to look, or at least do my best to look, at every aspect of life and try to make it a little greener, I thought I might take a look at cigarettes and see if there were any that tried to say that they were 'green' or at least earth friendly.

Well, so far no luck on that 'green' cigarette but I did find an interesting article on cigarette filters that dissolve in rainwater. Makes you think about the possibilities huh? Unfortunately, I'm sure that big tobacco will claim that it would cost waaaay too much money to make these filters and that keeping their production methods just the same as they are now would be much more Earth friendly.

You can read here about how big tobacco is claiming the their production methods and products are Earth friendly. Although I feel obligated to tell you that I got the article from a blog. I will do my best to find an article from a newspaper or something so that this guy's claims can be backed up a little.

I also discovered a new term, seeing as how I'm pretty new at this whole green thing, called greenwashing. It's when people claim that a product is organically grown or is sustainable to make more money. I found this article that gives ten tips on how to avoid purchasing greenwashed products and it even has a link in it to a greenwash guide that looks like it could be a good read.

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