Monday, July 14, 2008

BPA Free Nalgene Bottle Review

A few of you might be wondering why I'm reviewing the BPA free bottles that Nalgene is making these days when I said that I wasn't quite ready to throw my old one in the trash just because of a little concern some people have with the possibility that the BPA might cause cancer in humans. If you want some more information about you, check out this old post.

Well, I ended up leaving my trusty Nalgene bottle at a friend's house and decided that instead of driving 45 minutes (one way) to pick it up I would rather go get a new one and spend $10 and get my other one this weekend when I can spend some quality time with my friend too. And if you're wondering why I didn't just tough it out, I was getting ready to go on a road trip to visit family over the 4th and not having a watter bottle was not an option.

So far I don't have any complaints. It holds water just fine (ha) and comes in the same pretty green color that my old one is. But the plastic is not as hard and that bothers me a little. The old Nalgene bottles were advertised as being indestructible and I've even heard that they come with a lifetime guarantee not to break because they are so heavy duty. My old bottle has some scratches on it, but none of them are deep and it looks fine.

My new bottle, however, fell out of the car during my trip and has several small dings on it from where it hit the ground, not that it's going to stop me from using it. Also, if you wrap your hands around the bottle and give it a squeeze, you can feel it give a little - something my older bottle won't do. It makes me wonder if these newer bottles will be able to hold up the indestructible reputation of the bottles that came before them. I certainly hope so.


Greg said...

They're not near as strong... I threw mine down full of room temp water like I used to with the poisonous bottles and the new one shattered the first time :-(

Ryan said...

I broke two bottles in 24 hours when they dropped from the kitchen counter onto the title floor. They were both about 3/4 full of water. Pathetic I think. I've noticed that Nalgene no longer boast on their website about their strength either. They're still a nice water bottle but i wouldn't feel as safe any more chucking down a cliff and hoping to have some water left when i get to the bottom.