Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Going Neon Green

I've decided that I don't just want to go "green", I want to go NEON green. I want to be so eco-friendly that the enviornment and I will end up being BFFs. The kind of BFFs that talk every night on the phone for 3 hours at a time and never run out of things to talk about. The kind of BFFs that tell each other everything and would never lie or hurt one another. How exactly do I plan to because so awesomely neon? Well, I'm glad you asked.

#1. I plan on getting canvas tote bags to use at the grocery store and at the mall.
#2. I will only buy local and organically grown food (farmer's market here I come!)
#3. I will recycle everything that I can, even if it means saving it all up in the garage and making a monthly trip to a plant.
#4. I will use as little water as I can ... which means that I might start taking baths and emptying the water with a pan to water my plants. Which means ...
#5. I will use only bio-degradable bath products to cut down on the nasties in said bath water (I also have learned some tricks that will let me use fewer bath products overall).
#6. I will have a tiny veggie garden on the patio to help with the finances.
#7. If I can figure out how to do it without pissing off my neighbors, I plan on starting a compost pile to cut down on my overall landfill contributions.

At this point, that's my plan of action. I plan on doing more research to find more neon green ideas ... I will let you know of them as I become informed.

Also, as of this posting, the name and focus of this blog will be changing. Instead of focusing on myself, the focus will switch to green living. My hope is that you will find some tips that may help you live a life that has a smaller footprint on the Earth, even if you don't end up going neon green like I hope to over the coming months.

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Lovely Abby said...

I thought I was your BFF. *sob*